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Job Description

Edutainment Arts is looking for teachers and assistant teachers for camps throughout Orange County.

We look for teachers who are accustomed to working with children ages 6-12 and have an out going attitude. Our camps are fantasy camps that allow children to live their dreams for a week. Camps are themed around popular movies and shows. We have cooking camps, science camps, challenge camps, arts camps, digital music and video camps, and fantasy camps. Teachers will be assigned 1 to 3 topics to teacher through the summer and must be willing to drive to camp locations all over Orange County and Long Beach.

All staff must pass a live scan background check, TB test, and drug test, have a clean driving record with their own transportation, and be available Monday through Friday. All positions are part time averaging 20 hours a week. Pay based on experience. Camps start as early as June 12th and end August 25th with the week of July 4th off. Priority is given to teachers available the entire length of our season.

Please send a resume and include in the cover letter which camp topics interest you most and would like to teach.

CHALLENGE CAMPS (Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher)- This teacher will spend the summer building forts from small playing card castles indoors, to bamboo huts and tent cities outdoors. Or they may find themselves playing competitions and team challenges like Minute to Win It, Survivor, and Wipe Out. In these camp we would like to teach teamwork, sportsmanship, survival skills, and even basic architecture but primarily focus on fun. Camps: Fort and Team Building, Extreme Team Challenge, Wipe Out, Builder's Club.

COOKING CAMPS (Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher)- This teacher will spend the summer teaching kids to cook. In our camps, the kids do the cooking. We bring stoves, cookware, and food to the site and transform a classroom into a kitchen. On the last day the kids open a restaurant for their family and friends.

DIGITAL VIDEO CAMPS (Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher) - This teacher will spend the summer teaching both digital music and video. A working knowledge of Garage Band and iFilms is required. In music camps kids will learn how to use take a Macbook, microphone, and keyboard and create a music sensation. In film camps kids will create content for Youtube channels. They will write, storyboard, direct and star in their own films.

HARRY POTTER THEME CAMPS (Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher) - This teacher will teach our Harry Potter Theme Camps at various sites. Some knowledge of magic is preferred, however we focus on the presentation of a magic trick instead of the mechanics. A knowledge of the Harry Potter Movies and Books is required as we transform their summer week into a week of going through Hogwarts.

SCIENCE AND ELECTRONICS (Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher) - This teacher will be teaching our science based camps. Our Ultimate Science Camps celebrates a different science each day: physics, biology, aerospace, forensics, etc. Our Electronics Camps teach basic circuitry using Snap Circuits and dissecting everyday household items to see how they work.

WILDERNESS SURVIVAL CAMPS (Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher) - This teacher will spend the summer teaching kids survival skills based on the survivalists rules of three. Some survival camps will be more theme based such as Zombie Survival and Hunger Games.

SUBSTITUTE - This teacher will work and be paid as an assistant throughout the summer at various camps. When the need arises, they may be called to step up and run a day as a lead teacher. Pay will be bumped for when acting as a lead teacher. This position needs to be confident to jump into any curriculum.

ASSISTANT TEACHERS - This position will spend the summer assisting multiple subjects. Must be confident to help at all levels. We call upon our assistants to lead activities often.

CAMP MANAGER - This teacher will be responsible for fielding all calls and issues that arise in multiple camps. They will need to be available to jump in and teacher any camp due to unforeseen circumstances. They must be willing to travel to all sites to check on teachers, campers, and site needs.

Curriculum is provided with our camps. But we like everyone to have some experience they can bring to the table. All of our camps main focus is for the kids to have a fun summer. If they aren't having fun, they aren't learning. Fun first!

Job Type: Part-time

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