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Each site we work with has liberties to change our descriptions.  Please check your recreation center's website for their times, dates and details.

Camp Descriptions: Day Camp



We teach campers how to use basic tools to make some wonderful items such as book ends, tool boxes, bird houses, and more. Campers will take home all of their crafts and will be skilled and more knowledgeable about all the tools in their tool box.

Camp Descriptions: Day Camp



Teams and individuals compete in classic games from shows like Minute to Win it, Survivor, and Amazing Race. Crazy skills, team skills, luck, and guts will be needed to compete in survival challenges, complex races, dexterity tests, and treasure hunts. Use team work and sportsmanship and get extreme!


Send your tributes to compete and see who will survive as the victor of daily competitions. Go through training week to learn survival skills, and team work. Form an alliance and play the odds. Join in the fun of the annual Hunger Games.


Struggle to survive against zombies.  Team work and wilderness skills will be required to compete against the walking dead in many games, challenges and activities.  Find shelter, water, and food after the apocalypse. If you’re prepared for Zombies, you’ll be prepared for anything. Will you survive or become a zombie?

Camp Descriptions: Day Camp


Partnering with PuzzleMazement Escape Room, this camp offers campers a chance to test their skills in mobile challenges, and teaches kids how to create their own escape rooms.  Codes, riddles, puzzles and devices will exercise their brain power and build teamwork as we explore story and flow of escape rooms.

Camp Descriptions: Day Camp



Based on the television series, we focus on the basic skills of creating fashion, such as designing/sketching, measuring, and hand sewing. Campers will get to strut their stuff on the runway to show off their fabulous creations. It provides a perfect outlet to exercise their creativity and imagination.


Learn the basics of sewing from sewing on a button to stitching and hemming.  Campers will work on different disciplines of hand sewing everyday while creating a week-long project that they bring home.  No experience is necessary.  Only a desire and the patience of learning this new skill is needed.

Camp Descriptions: Day Camp


Transition from muggles to wizards. Each student will be sorted into a Hogwarts house, given a wand, and taught the traditional methods magic, mind reading, positions, and Quidditch. Students will be invited to investigate, discover, and imagine the world of young Harry Potter.

Camp Descriptions: Day Camp


TOP JUNIOR CHEF - COOKING CAMP - Our goal: to open a restaurant in one week. Campers will learn food handling skills and hygiene and then learn how to make several delicious and fun dishes. Crafts and games are used to keep the cooking fun. Our restaurant is open at the end of the week for family and friends! 

TOP JUNIOR CHEF – AROUND THE WORLD - Your camper will learn how to make dishes from a variety of different cultures, including but not limited to: Latin American, Asian, American, Italian, Indian, and others (regional foods presented in camp depend on our teacher specialties, camper dietary restrictions, and interests). On Friday have a tasting of all your fantastic eats for family and friends. 

TOP JUNIOR CHEF – THE ART OF COOKING – Presentation is as important as taste. Campers will explore art in life and in cooking, then fuse the two in some delicious dishes. We will teach new recipes and the culinary skills to make these treats taste as good as they look, and look as good as they taste. The campers will channel their imaginations into both their dishes and the artistic details of the surrounding décor. 

TOP JUNIOR CHEF – COOKING AND SCIENCE - Make awesome culinary concoctions while learning about the wonders of science. We use something fun like cooking as a mode to teach kids about the scientific process, and how phenomena such as heating, cooling, stirring, and other cooking-related actions can fundamentally alter an inedible (or just gross) substance or group of substances into the delicious food that we enjoy every day. 

TOP JUNIOR CHEF – DESSERT SHOP Make different dessert, sweets, and other foods your parents don’t want you to have too much of. It’s time for sugar and spice. Crafts and games are used to keep the cooking fun. On Friday, have a tasting of all your goodies for family and friends. 

TOP JUNIOR CHEF – HEALTHY KITCHEN – Sick of the standard hot dogs, and chicken nuggets? Have your kids learn how to cook and snack in a way that will make your doctor happy. Kids are encouraged to try new foods and will leave with healthier habits. Crafts and games are used to keep the cooking fun. On Friday have a tasting of all your healthy eats for family and friends. 

Camp Descriptions: Day Camp



Log on and create! Armed with cameras and computers, campers will learn the techniques to write, direct, star, and edit for YouTube and Podcasts.  Content will range from tutorials, vlogging, short films, and more.  Videos will be uploaded to our YouTube page for campers to view safely.

Camp Descriptions: Day Camp
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