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Founded by David Herbelin, Edutainment Arts is an entertainment production company specializing in entertainment that educates. The lessons may be clear and apparent or so subtle that you don't realize you're learning. From school assemblies to sketch comedy, films, and theme park performances, Edutainment Arts has your production needs covered.

After obtaining a degree at the UCI School of Drama, David returned to a career at the Improv Comedy Clubs programming and producing the chains only black box theater, The Theatre at the Improv in Hollywood. Here David brought “The Dutchman” which swept the LA Weekly Awards including awards Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director. David was instrumental in converting the Theatre at the Improv into Second City Los Angeles where he graduated their conservatory, was a performer for their premiere main stage company, and taught improvisation. While in Los Angeles, David coached Improv comedian actors for sitcoms with CBS and TNN. After Second City and the Improv, David was the director and head writer of the traveling children's theatre, Imagination Machine, and the production manager of Gourmet Detective, an interactive murder mystery dinner theatre. Founding Edutainment Arts, David has created a diversified entertainment production company producing events locally and globally. Under Edutainment Arts, David writes and directs assembly programs which are part of the Segerstom Center for the Performing Arts – Arts Teach Program. David also created and directs M Cabaret, a murder mystery dinner theatre, which premiered at the Maverick Theatre and continues to perform special events. David partners with Arimaw Productions to direct and write shows for the San Diego Zoological Society ranging from large outdoor amphitheater performances to intimate storytelling. David and Arimaw Productions brought “The Order of Blataria”, which David co-wrote and directed, to the New York Fringe Festival. David has been called on as a director and creative partner for Disney Creative Entertainment and Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development for shows in the US, France, and Hong Kong. Utilizing the skillsets and lessons from all these theatrical endeavors, David creates and produces over 100 Edutainment Arts theme camps a year for Southern California City Recreation Centers and the YMCA.

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