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The Writing Celebration


Inspiring Young Authors By Bringing Their Stories To Life On Stage

Writing is fun! Your students should look forward to putting their pencils to paper and expressing their fantastic stories and dreams. But eventually every author gets stuck or begins censoring their thoughts before they get a chance to express them. The Writing Celebration is there to help break through that block and get their creative thoughts flowing.

The Show: Each show is broken into three segments.

  • The first portion teaches an improvisation game that can be taken back to the classroom to help get students started on their writting.
  • Next we celebrate your students efforts in writing by performing stories submitted to us from your school.
  • Finally we share an improvisational game students can use for the next stage of writing: rewriting.

We will customize the show for your needs!
If you want to showcase more student stories and fewer imporvisational games, or if you want more learning games to get your students writing, we are happy to accomodate you. Start the year off with a show focused on writing games to get your students putting pencil to paper. Then end the year with a show focused solely on their written works. However you want it, you've got it.

Pricing: First Show in a day $550.
Each additional show in the same day is $300.
Travel fees and wait times may apply.
We require a $250 deposit to secure the date.

To Schedule or for More Information:
The Writing Celebration is scheduled directly through Edutainment Arts. If you would like more information about the show, or if you would like to reserve a date for us to perform at your organization, please fill out the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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