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Science Magic


Discover Science Behind Amazing Tricks
And Science It's Self Is Truly Magical

Decipher the secrets of magic through this interactive presentation by using the scientific method to discover that science is truly magical. Behind every great magic trick is science. And behind every piece of science is a world of magic. Students will be amazed when they not only see the impossible become possible, but also learn how to do it themselves. Students will be invited to think like scientists as the try to figure out the puzzles of a magician.

Not Your Typical Magic Show: We're not pulling rabbits out of hats. We explore physics, psychology, biology, and chemistry. Magic is the unkown. Students will learn that if they take the time to think like a scientist and ask questions then they can figure out every trick out there. We're not saying magic doesn't exist. We're saying that life is a mystery and it's to us to think like scientists to figure it out.

Scheduling: All booking for the Icky Yucky Gross Bug Show is done through the Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts, Arts Teach Program. Please call (714) 556-2122 ext 4310 or email

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