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For Parents


We strive to create a fun safe environment in all our camps. We hire highly qualified lead teachers that hold credentials, have extensive experience in recreation programs, or are masters in the field that they are teaching. Our assistant teachers are college students and young professionals which have shown the same caring energy that we look for in lead teachers. Each teacher is background checked through the Department of Justice to ensure your child's safety.

Our Curriculum has been tested with success in several markets and we collaborate with Arimaw Productions, providers of camps for 20 years, on building new camps.

Our focus is fun! We believe if your child is enjoying themselves, then the lessons we teach are more likely to stick. We mix games, crafts, and other activities in every camp. The more they play, they more likely they are to make friends, grow, and walk away with a memorable experience they will remember for years to come. These are fun rewarding camps, and not master classes.


For questions regarding registration or particulars about camp sites, please call the city's recreation department. For questions regarding our camp curriculum feel free to call us at (714) 220-9596 or email at edutainmentarts at

What to Bring:

* A snack or lunch - Every 3 hour camp will have a snack break. Every 5 hour camp will have a snack break and a lunch break. Please do not bring anything containing nut products.

* A Drink - Not all sites have drinking fountains.

* Sun screen - Most of our camps take place indoors and out. For health reasons we do not supply communal sun screen.

* Comfortable Clothes that can get dirty - All of our camps have the potential of getting messy. Do not dress your child in clothes that need to stay pretty.

* Closed Toed Shoes - For safety we do not allow open toed shoes.

* SD card for Photography Camp - To get copies of photos fastest, please supply your own SD card. Otherwise we will mail a CD to you at the end of summer.

A Few Rules

* Please sign your child in and out of camp every day. Do not just drop them off in the parking lot and drive away. We want to make sure your child is safe and going home with who they are supposed to go home with. If you are having a friend or another family member pick up your child, please provide their name and contact information.

* Make sure we have your accurate contact information. If we need to contact you for any reason, we want to make sure we can as efficiently as possible.

* Please arrive on time and pick up your child on time. Many of our teachers need to run off to teach another camp at a different site right after your camp. If they need to wait additional time for a late parent, then that affects the safety of the children at the following camp as that teacher will be late for them.

* Parents are not allowed to sit in on camp. Due to legal reasons and safety of the children we are not allowed to have parents or friends sit in on camp. All adults in the presence of the children need to be cleared through the Department of Justice. We also find that your child is less likely to make new friends and play as themselves if they are being watched by their parents. We hope you understand.

Please Allow our Flexibiliy

* We run our camps with flexibility. All our camps have curriculum set for the entire week. However, because of the large variety of the campers' ages, personalities, and abilities, our teachers need to change the camp on a daily basis to meet the needs of the campers. If we ran each camp the same, or "cookie cutter", campers would be frustrated with the camp being too easy, too hard, not interesting, too complex, etc. Instead we design the camps for the campers in that particular camp, that particular week. Our teachers start Monday with a set curriculum, but keep Tuesday through Friday open to change based off their assessment of the campers after the first day. So if you ask your teacher Monday what they will be doing Wednesday, they may not know, until after they have gotten a chance to be with the campers and seen what interests them. We don't teach what we want to teach (force teaching). We teach what the kids want to learn and enjoy.

* Ask your child about what they did at camp, and don't take "nothing much" for an answer. If your children are anything like mine, their number one answer is "nothing." We do far from nothing in camp. Feel free to ask the instructors what the day's activities will be. They will be happy to tell you. Then you can have a conversation with your child about how they enjoyed each part of the day.

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