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Bug Show


Get Over Your Fears And Open Up A World Of Learning

Play along in this dramatic, interactive and improvisational presentation about insects as your students forget they are learning science. Your students will get an up close look at some of the world's most facinating, and to some, disgusting creatures. Live animals such as hissing cockroaches, a tarantula, a tomato frog, and a ball python* are presented as we discuss the benefits and astonishing survival techniques of these facinating beasts. The climax of the assembly is when volunteers are invited to come up and eat a bug. That's right. Eat a bug!!

Beyond the Bug: While learning about bugs is typically done in primary grade levels, the value of this assembly is far reaching. Many students develop fears of the unknown as they get older. These fears keep us from learning. Once we take the time to learn and understand, those fears melt away, and a new world of possibilities opens up to us. This is a lesson many adults could stand to learn, and do so with this interactive assembly.

Scheduling: All booking for the Icky Yucky Gross Bug Show is done through the Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts, Arts Teach Program. Please call (714) 556-2122 ext 4310 or email

* Animals presented are based on time alloted and temperment of the animals. Some animals may be off display based on feeding and shedding schedules. But we do our best to present as many as possible.

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