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Endorsed by the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, we provide assmeblies and residency programs that meet scholastic standards, providing education through entertainment. All Icky Yucky Gross Bug Show and Science Magic assemblies are contracted through the Segerstrom Center for the Arts (714) 556-2122 ext 4310.

The Writing Celebration contact Edutainment Arts directly at (714) 220-9596 or email

For More Information on Any of the Assembelies Click on the Images Below

SCIENCE MAGIC! Behind every great magic trick is science. And behind every piece of science is a world of magic. Students will be amazed when they not only see the impossible become possible, but also learn how to do it themselves. Students will be invited to think like scientists as the try to figure out the puzzles of a magician.
(For grades K through 8th)

THE WRITING CELEBRATION! Celebrate your students' efforts in writing and inspire them to keep writing with The Writing Celebration. Professional actors perform stories written by your students for your students live at your school. Improvisation games are taught to help young authors get started on writing and to explore the next step: rewriting. All of this is done in one 45 minutes high energy comical and moving production your kids will look forward to year after year.
(For grades K through 8th)

THE ICKY YUCKY GROSS BUG SHOW! Blending science and drama, the assembly teaches students about the creepy life of bugs through the use of comedy, magic, and audience interaction. At the end of the program students will know how to identify bugs, the uses of bugs, the importance of bugs, and all about their habitats. There will be screams. There will be laughter. And some kids may even eat a bug. It will be gross and revolting to the adults, but a whole lot of fun for the students.
(For grades K through 8th)

IMPROVISATION RESIDENCY - This program focuses on the original use of improvisation: helping children with social skills, public speaking and positive problem solving. Each student will learn the rules of improvisation, basic stage techniques, sense of ensemble, problem solving and performance level improvisation games. This course can conclude with a live show of students performing the games they learned for their peers. (For grades 4 through 12)

PLAY WRITING RESIDENCY - The program focuses on helping students find their voice and inspire creative expression in the form of playwriting. Each student will create their own plays from concept, to draft, to table read of their final draft. Some scripts may even be acted out in assembly form for their peers to see. (For grades 4 through 12)

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